A tense moment in this
Camp 5 VS 4 match as a
Camp 4 winger takes the
ball for a long gain.

CAMP 5 "A'. TEAM FOOTBALL CHAMPS. Front row: William H. Davis,
Jerry L.Carter, Thomas Grant, Daniel Bolden, David Woods, William Ho Hall,
Tyree Wells, Isaac W. Walden, Rafe M. Taylor. Second row: Jesse Hatter Jr.,
Amos McClure, Robert W. Flet~her, Prestee Davis, John L. Thomas, Oscar
C. Hill, Donald Staten, Robert W Allen, Donald L. Tinsley, Caris Levert.

T-FORMATION. They line up for more American football
-Camp 4 on the defense (left) against Camp 3.
Heads or T ails
Howard J. Beadleson
The third gridiron game of the Olympics took place yesterday between
Camp 4 and Camp 5B. Both teams entered the field full of spirit and
confidence, although the Camp 4 team had previously protested having
to take a chance on playing both of the Camp 5 teams. Even though Norman
Crawford, captain of the Camp 4 team, did considerable boasting before the
game, it appeared pretty certain to your reporter that he could see a hard
game ahead for him.

Camp 5 played some hard-hitting ball, their main asset being their
fast, wide end runs by Rix, Brooks, and Cookson. With their good blocking
and fast running, these men netted the Camp 5 team the winning yardage.

If not for the numerous 15 yard penalties imposed on them for using
hands while on the offence, Camp 5 could have probably been able to score.
In spite of this however, at the 3rd quarter Camp 5 had piled up 112 yards
to their credit with Camp 4 tailing with only 56 yards, and game time being
cal1ed on a 0-0 score. The game was given to Camp 5 on yardage, but
after much disagreement on the part of Camp 4, the winner was final1y
decided by the flip of a coin, with Camp 5 stil~ emerging the victor.

Regardless of yardage, coins, penalties, or what have you, the Camp
5 team displayed excel1ent teamwork, and out ran, out passed, and out
played the "old men'. of the Camp 4 team at every turn, no matter how
hard they fought. Good defences were put up al1 the way by the Camp
5 team, with Douglas, McGreevy, McKell, and Hoffman, doing a
wonderful job of stopping everything coming their way. Al1 in al1, Camp
5 played a good game of football, and the boys deserve a lot of praise for
the fine display of sportsmanship throughout the entire game.

November 25, 1952 Olympic Roundup

FIRST AND TEN! (L. to R.) Score-keeper Carl R. Lund-
quist, 10 yd. marker JolHl W. Thornton and Line-marker
George W. Beale keeping things straight for the game of
American football.


Why must the battles still go on
Some with their lives must pay ?
Why can't this harmony prevail,
O'er all the world today ?
Here, the contest's all in fun.
There, the race against death is run.
William A. Camden

Things look a bit rough here
as "DOC" Cookson of camp 5
races for a touchdown,

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