The even tenor 0f life in Pyuktong, North Korea, in the
vicinity 0f Camp No.5 was broken on November 15th by the
appearance 0f some 500 athletes from every P .0. W .Camp in
North Korea participating in the Inter-Camp Olympics 0f 1952.
As the chairman, members 0f the Presidium and honored
guests mounted the presidium stand, the master 0f ceremonies
officially declared the Inter-Camp Olympics open. The athletes
from every camp rhythmically marched into the field clutching
in their hands brightly colored banners adorned with the
symbolic peace dove and numbers denoting each individual
C:lmp. After passing in review, the athletes formed in the
center 0f the field facing the presidium.
As the strains 0f "World Democratic Youth" slowly echoed
over the valley, Torch Bearer Willis Stone Jr. came into view.
The band switched to the pulse-quickening notes 0f the "March
of Friendship" and Stone briskly circled the field. As he was
approaching the presidium the bugler sounded 0ff to the tune
0f "Defend World Peace." The torch was presented to the
chairman 0fthe Olympics who lit the torch on the presidium,
and the Olympic Flag was slowly raised above the field. A£ter
this brief ceremony 0f officially opening the meet, the Master
of Ce
remonies formally introduced the chairman of the meet,
who gave the opening address.
His address contained not only a word of encouragement
to the participants but also a few words of encouragement for
friendly relations on an international basis, and the necessity
of a healthy body which will insure a healthier and sound mind
for our "Peaceful and Happier Tomorrow" through sports. As
the field was enveloped with quietness and a peaceful
atmosphere, there was no doubt that the chairman's address was
making a deep impression upon athletes and spectators alike.
The speaker said that, for the development of sports or any
occasion for happiness and security, peace is necessary and
very essential. One was deeply conscious of the confidence
which permeated the men, confident that, in the future, peace
will be achieved.
The athletes took the oath of the Olympics, and filed off
the field as the band struck up again to the tune of the " March
of Friendship" and the Olympics were on !

Olympic Roundup
November 16, 1952.................................................. The Editors



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