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B A T T L E F I E L D    K O R E A

light machine-guns, rifles, sub-machine guns and hand grenades. Showing complete disregard for his personal safety and despite being outnumbered by approximately two to one, he led a bayonet charge against the first line of trenches. After bitter hand-to-hand fighting, the first trench was secured. The enemy continued to resist from dug-outs within the position and from trenches on the other side. Lieutenant Montgomerie, displaying outstanding initiative, manoeuvred his section so that these positions could be grenaded and finally assaulted by bayonet. Later when his platoon came under fire from the retreating enemy, he again led an assault and killed twenty enemy soldiers and captured four prisoners. After this action, a total of 67 enemy dead was counted in and around this position. During this operation, Lieutenant Montgomerie displayed outstanding qualities of leadership, courage and daring. He was an inspiration to his men, cheering and urging them on against an enemy that was dug-in, and superior in numbers and firepower. The success of this action was instrumental in securing B Company's position, enabling the company to continue further operations unhindered.

PEARS, Maurice Bertram, Lieutenant (2/35017),
3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1951

Throughout his ten-month service with 3 RAR, Lieutenant Pears displayed courage and ability of a very high order. During the heavy fighting in October/November 1951 in the area of Point 317, Lieutenant Pears commanded a platoon from C Company. He led the platoon with great dash and determination and was, to a large extent, responsible for the success achieved by his company in that operation. At all times throughout periods of heavy shelling and close-quarter fighting, his courage and qualities of leadership were outstanding. Although wounded at one stage of this action, he carried on for several days until a comparatively quiet period permitted his being evacuated for treatment. In subsequent operations, Lieutenant Pears maintained this high standard. In a company raid on Point 227 in March 1952, Lieutenant Pears commanded the supporting platoon and his steadiness despite the heavy enemy shelling and mortaring which killed and wounded five men sharing his own and adjacent pits was an inspiration to the remaining members of the platoon. All patrols led by Lieutenant Pears were carefully planned and conducted with skill and determination. He established a reputation as being one of the most able platoon commanders in the battalion.

PEMBROKE, Arthur Thomas, Lieutenant (1/7003), 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1951.

On 6 October 1951, Lieutenant Pembroke and his platoon had been ordered to move forward of the main company position to try to locate the enemy. During this movement, his platoon struck heavy opposition at MR 176223. The enemy attacked Lieutenant Pembroke's platoon continuously from 7.00 a.m. on the morning of 6 October 1951 until 6.00 p.m. when B Company, 3 RAR, relieved it. During the period Lieutenant


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