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B R I T I S H     I M P E R I A L    D E C O R A T I O N S

Korea, May 1952. Diggers at work building their platoon headquarters dugout. (AWM HOBJ3090)

MONTGOMERIE, Leonard Montague, Lieutenant (4/400059),
3rd Battalion,Royal Australian Regiment, 1951

On 24 April 1951 during operations in the Chukton-ni area, 4 Platoon of B Company, 3 RAR, was ordered to attack and capture an enemy-held strong point. The enemy was entrenched in well dug-in positions, was well armed and had repulsed previous attacks on this position, continuing to defend with stubborn resistance. Lieutenant Montgomerie, leading 4 Platoon, advanced across open ground towards the enemy strong point. During the advance his platoon came under fire from the objective and from the right flank. Despite casualties, he pressed on with the attack. When his platoon was approximately thirty yards from the objective, it came under intense fire from


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