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B R I T I S H     I M P E R I A L    D E C O R A T I O N S

North Korea, November 1950.
Two Australian soldiers 'mopping up' in a village.
(AWM HOBJ1662)

HEARN, Bruce Barrington, Temporary Major (3/391),
1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1952

Major Hearn commanded a rifle company during his service with the Regiment in Korea. Throughout this time his personal enthusiasm and determined leadership were largely instrumental in building and maintaining a high standard of morale and fighting efficiency within his company. In the Naechong sector in July and August 1952, he held an exposed position which was subject to heavy shelling and mortaring each day for many weeks. His company was required to patrol vigorously and executed this task with considerable success. During this period heavy rains caused serious damage to the defences, the repair of which required constant effort. Major Hearn's leadership throughout this period was exemplary. On Hill 355 in November and December 1952, his company was again subjected to regular shelling and required to patrol aggressively under the most difficult conditions of climate and terrain where the evacuation of casualties depended largely on the company commander's skill and foresight. Its patrolling in this sector was conspicuously successful and contributed in no small measure to the success of subsequent operations deep into enemy territory. In addition, Major Hearn's drive and energy contributed significantly to the improvement of defences in his company's area. During the entire period, his company rendered notable service and that it did so was largely due to Major Hearn's skilful and energetic leadership, capable management and untiring devotion to duty.


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