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B R I T I S H     I M P E R I A L    D E C O R A T I O N S



MADDEN, Horace William, Private (2/400186),
3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment

Private Horace William Madden enlisted for service on 3 July 1942 at the age of 18 years and served in New Guinea, Bougainville, and Morotai and with the occupation force in Japan until May 1947. On 19 August 1950 he re-enlisted for service with the Special Force in Korea and joined 3 RAR in Korea in November 1950. He was captured by Chinese Communist forces on 24 April 1951 near Kapyong during the action for which the US President awarded 3 RAR the distinguished unit citation for extraordinary heroism and outstanding performance of duties in action. He was a signaller attached to battalion headquarters at the time and suffered concussion prior to capture.

Private Madden was held prisoner until 6 November 1951, when he died of malnutrition and the effects of ill-treatment. During this period he openly resisted all enemy efforts to force him to collaborate, to such a degree that his name and example were widely known amongst the various groups of prisoners. Testimonials have been provided by officers and men from many units of the Commonwealth and allied forces which bear witness to the widespread effects of his heroism. Despite repeated beatings and many other forms of ill-treatment inflicted because of his defiance to his captors, Private Madden remained cheerful and optimistic. Although


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