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B A T T L E F I E L D    K O R E A

That night, a patrol from the anti-tank platoon reported activity on the enemy- defended hills and first light showed that the enemy had decorated his forward position with colourful flags and paper. Propaganda and music blared across the valley. The enemy intimated his willingness to exchange gifts and some intrepid troops accepted. Taking advantage of daylight and the cease-fire, the enemy continued to clear the battlefield of casualties and many funeral pyres were seen burning.

The forward areas around 'The Hook' were flooded with sightseers and controlling this unauthorised intrusion proved difficult. Public relations personnel, war correspondents and the other press representatives were particularly attracted to the area. The 2 RAR diggers began dismantling their defensive positions prior to withdrawing behind the demilitarised cease-fire line.

Majon'ni, Korea, 1953

Majon'ni, Korea, 1953. Green Finger observation post, looking from Green Finger into The Hook positions. The track was used by the Chinese during raids in The Hook area and was also a route out for the Australian fighting patrols into the valley. (AWM 157758)


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