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R E G I M E N T A L     B A T T L E    H O N O R S

west to Point 199, which the diggers took with the loss of three wounded. At 10.00 a.m., A Company took over Point 199 and B Company returned to its former position behind C Company.

Tanks and a section of medium machine-guns moved up to Point 199 and directed their fire onto the northern slopes of Hill 355 (Kowang San) in support of the KOSB attack on that feature. D Company returned to 3 RAR (having previously been detached to the Canadian Brigade) and was placed in position between C Company and KOSB, attacking the eastern end of Hill 355. During the day C Company had again been shelled, as had been B Company to its rear. At last light KOSB had not completed its attack on Hill 355 and the decision was taken that 3 RAR would assist the next day.

On 4 October, C Company attacked towards the northern spurs of Hill 355 in an effort to take out the enemy positions causing trouble to the right flank of the KOSB battle lines. By 9.15 a.m., C Company had closed with the enemy and an hour later the diggers had fought their way to their main objectives. Two more hours of close combat cleared the feature, providing considerable assistance to the KOSB in the final stages of its assault. Eleven C Company diggers were wounded, one of whom later died. The enemy left behind thirteen dead and three prisoners were taken. The KSLI had advanced on the south side of Hill 355 securing the brigade's left flank.

North Korea. Australian soldiers return from a patrol in no man's land. (AWM HOBJ2283)

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