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B A T T L E F I E L D    K O R E A


In late September 1951, 28 British Commonwealth Brigade, as part of the 1st Commonwealth Division, was given the task of capturing the Kowang San area forward of the right flank of the division held by 25 Canadian Brigade, their extreme right flank resting on the Imjin River.

The 28th British Commonwealth Brigade comprised 3 RAR, the King's Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB) and the King's Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI). The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers (RNF) was under command for the attack.

On 2 October 1951, 3 RAR (less D Company) moved forward through the positions held by the Royal 22nd Regiment (R22R). The enemy did not notice this forward concentration, which was very carefully executed. C Company had advanced to a position that had periodically been held by a small enemy force 1,500 metres in front of the Canadian lines and about the same distance north-east of the northern slopes of the enemy-held Hill 355. B Company was a few hundred metres behind C Company. During the afternoon, C Company came under heavy shelling but suffered only one soldier wounded.

At 3.00 a.m. on 3 October, B Company moved north about 2,000 metres across an open valley under cover of darkness with the intention of taking Point 199. A Company moved up behind C Company. At 8.00 a.m., B Company had gained the high ground north of the valley and commenced patrolling the short distance to the


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