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B A T T L E F I E L D    K O R E A

North Koreans ran into the 3 RAR second-in-command who, with a small party of men, was waiting for ration trucks to move up to F Echelon. In total, 1,982 prisoners were taken by 3 RAR, the largest haul by any unit in the campaign.

The confusion caused by the rapid UN advance is easily understood given that one 20-mile stretch of road alone contained these troops in this order: 7 US Cavalry Regiment, North Koreans, 3 RAR, North Koreans, main body of the Argylls, North Koreans and advanced elements of 24 US Infantry Division.

An infantry section

An infantry section accompanied by South Korean troops
sets out on patrol.
(AWM HOBJ 1411)

"But with all our casualties and the way we were exposed on the ridge, we could not have held for another night. We had to leave our dead behind which was a bit painful. We line them all up; we could not carry them. We even had to destroy some of our own weapons, because we did not have sufficient men to carry them all."

George Harris


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