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and fought on the snow covered hills; and were the last battalion remaining in the city of Seoul. The same frostbitten Diggers froze their tails off in the snow at Changhowan-ni and killed the prowling Chinese by the score during those frigidly cold nights on patrol at Ichon. These men climbed those unclimbable hills and fought the enemy inch by inch along the ridges at the Slippery Slide, at Sardine, and at Salmon, and then descended to the Kapyong Valley to establish their thin and attenuated line.
Jack Galloway-Korean veteran and author

For the Australians, I can find no words to express my admiration for what they have done.
Brigadier B.A. Burke (British Army)-Korean Veteran


...the seriousness of the breakthrough on the central front had been changed from defeat to victory by the gallant stand of these heroic soldiers [who] displayed such gallantry, determination and esprit de corps in accomplishing their mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions as to set them apart and above other units participating in the campaign and by their achievements they brought distinguished credit on themselves, their homelands and all freedom-loving nations...
The United States Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation-Kapyong, Korea, 23-24 April 1951

If any factor stands out in 3 RAR's conduct at Kapyong it is the unfailing high morale which its members showed throughout the battle. It was difficult enough to fight off waves of attacks at night. It was yet more demanding to endure the following day in a relatively open position, exposed to the enemy on all sides, cut off from other battalions by several kilometres and under constant fire. The greatest test of morale was the final withdrawal which was carried out by exhausted men in considerable danger without giving in to depression, fear or panic of any kind.
Robert O'Neill-Historian

The Diggers won the Battle of Kapyong. There was nothing the Officers could do. It was a matter of whether the Diggers had the guts to go on with it or not. And they did.
Bernard O'Dowd-Korean veteran and author


In this action 3 RAR had won one of the most impressive victories achieved by any Australian battalion. In five days of heavy fighting 3 RAR dislodged a numerically superior enemy from a position of great strength ... The victory of Maryang San is probably the greatest single feat of the Australian Army during the Korean War.
Robert O'Neill-Historian


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