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The Infantryman

'Let us remember three facts. First, all wars are won in the end by the infantryman. Secondly, the infantryman always bears the brunt. Thirdly, the art of the infantryman is less stereotyped and far harder to acquire in modern war than that of any other arm.'
British Army Field Service Regulations of 1925

Korean Service Medal


On cessation of hostilities in 1945 the Australian Government made a commitment to contribute Australians to the Commonwealth Occupational Forces in Japan. The 34th Infantry Brigade was raised in Morotai, specifically for this purpose, and consisted of three infantry battalions, namely the 65th 66th and 67th Battalions. On 23 November 1948 the 34th Infantry Brigade was designated as the Australian Regiment, with the battalions becoming the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions, The Australian Regiment. On 10 March 1949 Royal assent was given and the Regiment became The Royal Australian Regiment.

The newly formed Regiment subsequently fought with distinction in Korea for three years in all phases of conventional warfare. This was the last occasion on which it was so deployed. The nature of war changed dramatically with the arrival of counterinsurgent and terrorist operations in Asia. However the spirit of the soldiers did not change. Throughout operations in Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam, Iraq, Timor, Afghanistan and all points north of our homeland, the children and grandchildren of those Korean veterans still carried the flag of mateship, initiative and courage forged so splendidly, so long ago, at Gallipoli and those far away countries. These conflicts are now emblazoned on our Regimental Battle Honours.


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