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F O R E I G N    A W A R D S

by this spontaneous display of courage and determination, the platoon quickly rallied about him and resumed the attack with renewed vigour and spirit, successfully reaching its objective. The confidence, resolute leadership, and unyielding devotion to duty exhibited by Lieutenant Zwolanski during this action were a source of inspiration to those who served alongside him or heard of his bravery under fire.


BOYS, Bruce G. F., Lieutenant (5/7014),
2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1953

Lieutenant Boys, 2 RAR, distinguished himself by extraordinary achievement during a flight as an observer in an unarmed T- 6 aircraft while serving on temporary duty with the 6147th Tactical Control Group, Fifth Air Force, on 26 June 1953. During a tactical control mission to the western front in Korea, Lieutenant Boys expertly directed four flights of fighter-bomber aircraft in attacks on enemy strong points from which more than ten thousand enemy troops were attacking friendly forces. After making a low altitude reconnaissance of the target area, Lieutenant Boys contacted the fighter-bombers and led them to the targets. Despite intense and accurate flak and small arms fire, Lieutenant Boys remained at low altitude over the target for more than one hour and thirty minutes directing the sixteen fighter-bombers in their attack runs. The strikes effectively destroyed twelve bunkers, seven personnel firing bays, four personnel shelters, and also damaged two mortar positions, five caves and two hundred yards of trenches and cut a vital supply road. Through his high personal courage, keen airmanship and devotion to duty, Lieutenant Boys was instrumental in the successful defeat of an enemy attack and was a source of inspiration to those in the Far East Air Forces and the Australian Regular Army.


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