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B A T T L E F I E L D    K O R E A

Korea, 29 May 1952. On a high hill overlooking a valley leading towards the enemy positions, Australian soldiers put in a hard day's work.
(AWM HOBJ3099)

ZWOLANSKI, Ludwik B., Lieutenant (VX700232),
3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1952

Lieutenant Zwolanski, a member of 3 RAR, distinguished himself by heroism in action against the enemy in Korea on 14 August 1952. Lieutenant Zwolanski was leading a platoon in an assault on a well-fortified enemy position. Advancing toward its objective, the platoon encountered intense enemy mortar fire and was forced to seek cover. Determined not to be thwarted by this adverse turn of events, and with a complete disregard for his own personal safety, he left his position of cover and moved forward into a hail of hostile fire, shouting words of encouragement to his men. Inspired


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