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F O R E I G N    A W A R D S


COUSINS, John, Private (3/400022),
3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1950

Private Cousins, a Bren gunner from 9 Platoon, C Company, 3 RAR, distinguished himself by heroic action north of Yongyu, Korea, on 22 October 1950. Private Cousins' unit was advancing rapidly to contact elements of the US 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team that had made a drop north of Pyongyang. When Private Cousins' platoon came under heavy fire from the front and both flanks, he quickly moved into action with his Bren gun, showing complete disregard for his own personal safety. Private Cousins moved from side to side and through open paddy fields to deliver heavy and accurate fire on the enemy's position and to enable his platoon to close on the assault. His dash and initiative in applying heavy fire contributed largely to the platoon's success and prevented many casualties. Private Cousins' heroism was a source of inspiration to those who served alongside him or heard of his courage under fire.

GARDNER, Leslie G., Captain (6/3759),
2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1953

Captain Gardner distinguished himself by meritorious service as S-2 Section, UN Command Prisoner of War Camp Number Six, in Korea from 13 July to 29 August 1953. When the transfer of a large group of dissident prisoners necessitated more stringent control throughout the camp, he was selected as S-2 with the exacting assignment of conducting intelligence operations to uncover those activities and political groups which were creating dissent and situations inimical to the UN cause. With the aid of one assistant, he skilfully interrogated all prisoners and rapidly assessed and compiled detailed data which led to the discovery of several clandestine political groups which were planning a daring escape. Through his outstanding ability and devotion to duty, he thwarted a plan potentially dangerous to security and materially enhanced the prestige of the UN command. Captain Gardner's skill and accomplishments were a source of inspiration to those who served alongside him or heard of his outstanding achievements.


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