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B A T T L E F I E L D    K O R E A

machine-gun outpost (at approximately 4.00 a.m.), the enemy soldiers-fifty in number-launched their attack. Through Lance Corporal Parry's brilliant use of the firepower under his command and his inspiring leadership, the attack was smashed; the enemy was forced to withdraw leaving behind many dead and wounded. Three further enemy attacks were made on the outpost in the next twenty minutes, but these were repulsed in the same determined manner as the first. The knoll was to the rear of B Company's position and, had this fallen to the enemy soldiers, they could have dominated the company perimeter. There is no doubt that Lance Corporal Parry's quick appreciation of the situation and brilliant leadership, together with his determination to hold vital ground, was directly responsible for the company's perimeter remaining intact and the thorough disorganisation of the enemy. Ten enemy dead were counted after the first attack and, as day broke, a further thirteen dead were found on the lower slopes.

POWER, David Richard, Private (2/4576),
3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1951

Private Power was a rifleman in a platoon launching a counter-attack on a steep feature east of Point 317 in November 1951. Halfway up the hill his section Bren gunner was badly wounded by enemy small arms fire and, without waiting for orders, Private Power immediately went to his aid, recovering the gun, although the area in close proximity to the Bren gunner was still under small arms fire. With the Bren gun now in his possession, he returned to his section to find it held up by fire from a group of three enemy soldiers. Without regard for his own personal safety, he engaged this group, advancing with the Bren and firing from the hip, killing the three and allowing the advance to continue. While consolidating on the objective, Private Power's section came under heavy enemy small arms fire from a position approximately 450 yards away. Exposing himself to fire repeatedly, Private Power engaged the enemy from various positions until finally he was able to silence their fire. Private Power's quick appreciation, gallant actions and repeated disregard for his own personal safety were an inspiration to his platoon and were undoubtedly instrumental in their capturing and holding their objective.

PURVIS, Alfred Donald, Corporal (Temporary Staff Sergeant) (2/2088),
3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1952

Corporal Purvis commanded a section of 2 Platoon at the time of the October offensive. During A Company's attack along the ridge leading to Point 317, 2 Platoon was engaged in two platoon attacks on enemy positions which were deeply dug in and strongly defended. On each occasion Corporal Purvis led his section with dash and determination. During these attacks and later during subsequent heavy enemy counter-attacks, his courage and coolness under fire were of the highest order. On the night of 25/26 January 1952, a platoon of D Company attacked Point 227.


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