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B R I T I S H     I M P E R I A L    D E C O R A T I O N S

Korea, 1 January 1953. A digger keeps an eye on the front line from a snow-covered position. (AWM HOBJ3883)

MACKAY, Francis Leo, Private (Temporary Corporal) (3/3841),
3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1953

On the night of 24/25 January 1953, Temporary Corporal Mackay was second-incommand of a fighting patrol of eighteen men. That night a neighbouring patrol was completely encircled by an estimated reinforced company of enemy, and Corporal Mackay's patrol went to its aid. During the ensuing forty-minute firefight, Corporal Mackay provided valuable assistance to his patrol commander. As required, he took command of one group while the patrol commander led the other group. He moved constantly amongst his men during the action, maintaining control, and leading his


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