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B A T T L E F I E L D    K O R E A

which was acting as a covering force. Lance Corporal Holden, although only able to crawl, refused to be evacuated with this group, remaining with the covering party engaging the enemy until ordered by the patrol commander to allow himself to be assisted when the withdrawal was almost completed. The courage and determination shown throughout this action by this young non-commissioned officer was, to a great degree, responsible for the orderly and secure withdrawal of the patrol under fire, and exemplifies the outstanding devotion to duty and sense of responsibility towards the men under his command that he has consistently displayed.

JUBB, Thomas John, Private (Temporary Corporal) (3/400353),
3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1952

On the night of 12 July 1952, Private Jubb was the stretcher-bearer attached to a platoon detailed to raid an enemy-held feature known as Point 115. Immediate contact was made and several men fell wounded on the parapet of the enemy position. Private Jubb, who was moving with the rear section, immediately dashed forward under heavy small arms fire and dragged a badly wounded man to cover. He then returned twice more to the enemy position and each time carried a wounded man to a covered position part of the way down the feature. With assistance from other members of the platoon, Private Jubb then evacuated the three casualties to the platoon firm base located 300 yards from Point 115. On arrival at the firm base he attended to all of the platoon's nine casualties. Throughout the move back and at the firm base he went about his duties under heavy mortar fire with complete disregard for his own safety. He continued to care for the wounded until all casualties were evacuated, eventually withdrawing with the rearguard of the platoon. The speed and efficiency with which Private Jubb provided medical aid to the wounded and his complete lack of consideration for his own personal safety did much to inspire the other members of the platoon and were of great assistance in the recovery of most of the platoon's casualties. Subsequent to this action Private Jubb continued as stretcher- bearer to his company. He took part in a number of fighting patrols and assisted on other occasions in evacuating patrol and shelling casualties from his company area. On all these occasions he continued to display courage and devotion to duty to such a degree that his mere presence inspired confidence among the wounded and other stretcher-bearers alike.

KENT, George Edward, Private (1/400713),
2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 1953

Private Kent displayed exceptional courage and devotion to duty while participating in all types of patrols. On the night of 22/23 July, Private Kent was a Bren gunner in the reconnaissance element of a standing patrol on Green Finger. While moving to its position on the highest point of Green Finger ridge, the patrol was engaged by an unknown number of enemy soldiers firing grenades and small arms, killing one


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